Client Usage an Security Agreement

This Agreement contains the terms and conditions of access to, and use by you of (i) Maltman Group International’s and Venue’s Internet Systems containing information pertaining to your customers (“Information”) and (ii) Maltman Group International’s, conduct of users and the privacy of the information. (i) and (ii) above are hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Systems’.

In consideration of Maltman Group International providing “You” access to the Systems, you agree as follows:

In this Agreement, you, user means you and each employee who has been assigned a user name and password, and Maltmans mean Maltman Group International.

You agree to use the Information and access the system for the purpose of establishing and maintaining communication internally to your customer’s needs and not for any other purpose.

You acknowledge that notwithstanding the institution of industry recognized security measures, Maltmans cannot guarantee the security of information that is contained on the Internet and unauthorized access to the Information may occur. It is your responsibility to:

Keep staff’s User ID and Passwords confidential.
Immediately notify Maltmans of all changes relating to the status of your staff on such matters as new hires, termination of employees, and access to Systems no longer required.
Not authorize anyone, other than employees to access the Systems for any reason.
Take all reasonable precautions, including password maintenance to prevent unauthorized access to the Systems.

Maltmans will update the Information on a regular basis; however, you acknowledge that the currency of the information is dependent on the timely transaction of data. Maltmans shall not be liable in any way to you, the User or any other person or corporation for the non-availability of any Information or disruption of Systems upon which the Information resides.